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Class Action Associates LLC (CAA) is a consulting firm that specializes in helping clients recover funds from class action settlements. Since its founding, Class Action Associates LLC (CAA) has had a single mission – to recover monies due to businesses from class action settlements. Each year, funds from class action settlements are disbursed to eligible claimants. Settlements funds total in the billions and company executives have a fiduciary responsibility to collect these monies for their companies.


Our Company

Class Action Associates LLC (CAA) is a leader in providing class action settlement recovery services. Our team consists of attorneys, economists, accountants and analysts which assists clients with filing and substantiating their claim. CAA offers a complete solution, deep understanding of the settlement agreement and process, combined with the professional expertise needed to establish class member eligibility, prepare, file and manage settlement claims and interface with claims administrators through the final payout.


CAA’s methodology uncovers details often overlooked, ensuring Class Action Associates’ clients receive the monetary recovery they are entitled to from class action settlements. CAA has recovered funds for many clients who would have received limited or no payment without Class Action Associates’ assistance. CAA provides some of the world’s largest companies with class action recovery services.

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Zero Risk

Class Action Associates uses a performance fee structure, which directly aligns the interests of Class Action Associates with our clients. Our clients incur no out of pocket costs, fees, expenses, legal fees or professional fees, which might become necessary, other than our standard contingency fee. We believe this fee structure negates the risks of mediocre results. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.


In a class action lawsuit, one or more companies or individuals, called “Class Representatives” sue on behalf of other companies and individuals who have similar claims. All of the companies and individuals together are a “Class,” and each company or individual is a “Class Member.” All “Class Members” are automatically part of the class action unless they exclude themselves before the deadline set by the court. A Class Member must file a claim to receive part of the settlement. Class Action Associates assists clients in filing claims and recovering funds from class action settlements.


CAA delivers a set of multidisciplinary services based on a deep industry knowledge of class actions. Our industry focus helps CAA’s professionals develop a rich understanding of each class action settlement and the insight, skills and resources required to address case specific issues and opportunities. Our team of attorneys, economists, accountants and analysts assists clients with filing and substantiating their claim. Where necessary CAA contracts with engineers and industry experts. CAA vigorously pursues and maximizes each client’s claim to ensure that they receive the payout they deserve. CAA’s team analyzes the data and submits the claim on the client’s behalf. Without Class Action Associates’ assistance, many clients would have received limited or no payment.


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