Services - Class Action Associates
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Class Action Claims Filing

Clients’ claims for relevant class action settlements are prepared and submitted by Class Action Associates to the court appointed claims administrator. Class Action Associates monitors the countless filings within the Docket to stay abreast of any case developments. In addition, Class Action Associates has experience with claims administrators which allows us to know exactly what is necessary for a complete and acceptable filing. Furthermore, Class Action Associates’ attorneys familiarity with the details of the class actions settlement agreement, allows us to make sure that claimants submit claims for the maximum amount they are eligible for. Class Action Associates experience also provide us with a basis to dispute an administrators calculations when we believe them to be inaccurate.

Class Action Claim Management

During the claims recovery process, Class Action Associates’ specialists track and monitor every event to ensure that a class action claim receives the full award possible. Key to this process is that Class Action Associates’ experts monitor the status of each filing as it is progresses through the administration process. All deficiencies and documentation requests that may be made by the administrator are managed by Class Action Associates, thereby freeing up the client from all paperwork and correspondence. The claims administrator often sets tight deadlines to respond to requests, and failure to timely respond can result in the claim being rejected. Class Action Associates has the experience and expertise how to respond to these requests and obtain extensions when necessary. The tracking team provides a variety of checks and balances in the class action claims filing and settlement payment process including the confirmation that submissions are received by the administrator and that each individual claim is processed. Accepted claims are monitored to maximize the award. After an award determination is made, we validate the accuracy of the award.

Class Action Claims Documentation

The court appointed claims administrator often requests documentation in order to substantiate a claim. The eligibility period for many class action settlements are from many years ago, and the client may not have retained all their documentation. Class Action Associates attorneys are familiar with what is required by the Court and limits the burden on clients so they only have to provide the necessary documents. For clients that are unable to obtain sufficient data, Class Action Associates’ economists, forensic accountants and experts work with the claims administrator to provide adequate documentation to substantiate a claim.

Class Action Case Monitoring

The world of class actions is a large and complicated one. Every week, new class actions are filed by law firms nationwide. Class Action Associates stays ahead of the curve. The challenges inherent with accurately monitoring cases and their evolutions, requires strict attention to detail and daily monitoring. By tracking these cases, with the latest information available, Class Action Associates is able to detail the progression of each case through its various stages. Class Action Associates tracks the status of all potential actions and alerts clients about possible eligibility in these actions.

Class Action Claimant Eligibility

Class Action Associates’ services include determining the relevant class action cases for which a client is eligible to receive settlement funds. Class Action Associates is intimately familiar with the class definition of each action thereby allowing a client to file a claim for as many actions that they are eligible for.

Class Action Claim Award Validation

Claims Administrators issue payments to eligible members of the class entitled to receive settlement funds. Class Action Associates monitors court filings for the Motion for Distribution of the Settlement Funds. CAA cross checks the award amount with our internal award calculation to confirm that the correct disbursement amount is received for the client. Any discrepancy is researched and resolved.

Class Action Claims Acquisition

The claims recovery process, from submittal of a claim to award distribution, averages over a year. Instead of waiting for the distribution from the settlement, Class Action Associates offers clients the option to receive an immediate upfront payment.

Class Action Late Claim Filing

The court sets a deadline by which all claims must be filed. However, Class Action Associates is familiar with the progression of a case and has been in the past successful in filing late claims and having them approved.